Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ultimate Cake Topper

Hello future wedding cake! Did I tell you I'm getting married? It's not until next summer, but as I'm sure you could guess, the part I'm most excited about is looking (and tasting!) cakes - and likely some cupcakes along the way!

This definitely counts as Cupcakin It Up material, tiny cake or not! Just check out these cute and wonderlandy cakes! Ok, so maybe the lollipops are a little over the top... also, if it were mine, I would use only shades of pink - none of that weird brown green color.

On the other hand, the cake on the right would be a perfectly reasonable wedding cake selection. But I'm going with a deep magenta as my wedding color, so the ribbon would be hot pink! That cake could be fun! Anyone know any good bakeries in the San Francisco area?

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