Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding cupcakes turned Celebration cupcakes!

So maybe your thoughts are not overrun with cake tasting, venue scouting, and experimental Sephora make-up purchases that make you look a little like a crazy person. Need I remind you that you can make any gathering, holiday, or celebration into an excuse to make and display cupcakes?!

Check out this truly awesome cupcakespiration from reader, Jennifer. I love the pink, black, and white colors on the tiered display - the pink-coloring in the cake totally makes this! Sure, I want to adopt this for my wedding, but this could easily be a birthday display or even a girl’s night-in delicacy!

Jennifer’s brother-in-law built the tiers. But if you don’t have a handy cupcake-display-making-enthusiast around, you could accomplish a similar effect with some white-painted boxes of varying sizes, doilies, ribbon, glitter (of course!), and hot glue.

Making a smaller batch? Check out Jennifer’s Wilton tree, purchased at Michael’s and her adorable sunflower cupcakes perfect to welcome Spring!

Great work, Jennifer! Mmmm… now I’m hungry!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Sweet Twist on the Wedding Cake

Nothing starts married life in a sweeter way than cupcakes dressed for the occasion! This new wave in wedding cake is something I can most certainly get on board with. And I did with my own wedding cake - or shall I say, wedding cupcakes!

This blog will be series, sprinkled throughout the next few months, leading up to my own nuptials! Now, let's figure out just how many different ways of we can work cupcakes into a wedding, shall we?!

I'm a fan of the 6 inch cake on top and cupcakes down the sides on each tier. Check out a few cool ideas I found online:

PINK!! Need I say more?

I love the way flowers look on each level and then a big crescendo at the top!

If you choose two wedding colors, coloring the icing makes a lovely contrast. It's so cheery!

YESSS! Instead of a 6 inch cake, how about a GIANT CUPCAKE?! Muhahahaa!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Lack of short bread cookies, red and green sprinkles, and present-shaped cupcakes got you down? I'm familiar with these after Christmas baking blues and feel your pain! As a fellow cupcaketeer, I want you to know that I'm here for you with some wintery cupcakespiration to keep the holiday spirit alive and the oven warm!

Check out a few ideas for January:

Christmasy-looking trees aside, the aqua colored icing (easily achieved with Wilton food dye or adding a little bit of green to blue-dyed icing) and a touch of winter decorations are still appropriate for parties after Christmas!

No food dye handy? That's ok! Just tease the icing into lovely flowing waves and add some white decorations on top to achieve this elegant design.

In an entirely different direction, check out these frigid treats that will warm the belly!