Friday, January 14, 2011

A Sweet Twist on the Wedding Cake

Nothing starts married life in a sweeter way than cupcakes dressed for the occasion! This new wave in wedding cake is something I can most certainly get on board with. And I did with my own wedding cake - or shall I say, wedding cupcakes!

This blog will be series, sprinkled throughout the next few months, leading up to my own nuptials! Now, let's figure out just how many different ways of we can work cupcakes into a wedding, shall we?!

I'm a fan of the 6 inch cake on top and cupcakes down the sides on each tier. Check out a few cool ideas I found online:

PINK!! Need I say more?

I love the way flowers look on each level and then a big crescendo at the top!

If you choose two wedding colors, coloring the icing makes a lovely contrast. It's so cheery!

YESSS! Instead of a 6 inch cake, how about a GIANT CUPCAKE?! Muhahahaa!!


  1. I vote for the first two pink examples for your wedding. Just saying ;) Btw - I signed up for a cake decorating class next weekend - wish you could join me! Miss you oh-so-much!