Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet and Juicy Cupcakespiration!

For Superbowl Sunday, my friend Shawna got her bake on with the best kind of sports food - Cupcake Burgers! She found her inspiration from a step-by-step tutorial on Bakerella. And can we say... SCORE!

Using a yellow cake mix, a box of double chocolate Ghirardelli brownies, some food coloring, and sesame seeds, Shawna made a treat that is the perfect addition to any sporting event, bbq, or birthday party!

Let's see how she did it!

First she made the brownies in a 13" pan. Don't have one? Either fill your 8" pan with half of the batter or use a cake pan. If they turn out thick, it's ok - the best burgers are thick and juicy anyway!

Then, she took a circular cookie cutter and cut the brownies into "patties." Don't have an official cookie cutter? Use a cup!

The next official step (not depicted here) was the baking of the yellow cake. Shawna filled the muffin cupcake liners about half way so that the top was only slightly dome-like.

Then she added the dyed frosting! You can either apply it using an icing bag or just a Ziploc with the corner cut. It can be uneven or overflow because it is supposed to be lettuce, ketchup, and mustard after all!

And now... the brownies and the cake come together, with a sprinkling of sesames on top to make sizzlin sweet burgers!

Cupcakes off to you, Shawna!

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