Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Icing Syringe, My Heart

You may have noticed that my cupcakes have had "some work done" as of late... Yes, they have gone quite Hollywood! It is all thanks to my new friend the Kuhn Rikon Mechanical Pastry Bag, which I fondly call my Icing Syringe (blame the nickname on my med-student taste-tester!).

I was inspired to upgrade from the old sanitized pinky-finger and butter knife when Bead Up! came to town to help me with my blueberry baby shower cupcakes. She had a fancy-smancy icing bag (like what the pros use!), and I confess myself intimidated at first. Why buy a tool when you have a knife and a ZipLoc bag?! Bead Up soon showed me just how magical the right tools can be in making your creations look like they came out of Martha Stewart magazine. So I resigned myself to buy one of my own.

It was a Sunday afternoon when the plan turned to reality - an afternoon made for baking and Disney movies, and I needed my new toy NOW. So I popped over to Sur la Table to see what they had in store. There, practically glowing on the shelf was the Kuhn Rikon tool of glory that would forever transform my cupcake creations!

For $28, I purchased this completely disassemble-able tool (that is handy for easy washing) has seven different icing toppers of two varying sizes. It is perfect for any skill level - you simply smoosh the icing into the syringe and squeeze it onto your cupcakes to make tons of fun shapes!

I highly recommend making your icing a little more thickly than normal cake icing. If you plan on doing a more intricate design than just using one of the cool toppers (see left picture), a drier icing can act as a fondant like texture. That blue dragon (see right picture) was made entirely out of very stiff icing!

Other of my recent favorites shown below and made entirely with my fancy Icing Syringe.


Whimsical swirls!

Rim for a hat!
(more details on this one in the previous post)

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  1. YEEEEEES! I love that we got to learn the tools of the trade TOGETHER!! <3