Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!!

October is here! - which, granted, feels exactly like August in LA BUT it means that it is officially appropriate to start making Halloween themed treats! Muhaha!!

I kicked off the October celebration of Halloween treats at a Michael's cookie demonstration in Burbank. I confess myself disappointed. It all took place on one table with one confectioner who spent most of the time running around the store gathering supplies. The cookies didn't even look very appetizing. Maybe I'm just a cupcake girl at heart, but aren't cookies meant for dunking - not painting! The only thing that piqued my interest was a flyer for a cupcake decorating class that cost $15... but what the flyer neglected to mention (and I only learned from word-of-mouth) is that you have to bring your own cupcakes AND icing. wtf?! But one must turn flour into cookies in this scenerio - so I saw opportunity. Inspiration to take that $15, buy some sweet muffin cups and dye and decorate my own darn cupcakes at home! For free!

Bring on the cute cupcake designs and Halloween decorations!


  1. Michaels inspires yet again! LOL! I've walked by the classes at our Michaels and it looks like chaos. Good plan with a $15 well spent.

  2. YEAH! I couldn't believe the "demonstration" either. So many NO's and so little "YESes" of that "event." Lame. I am glad we figured out that you have to bring your supplies - DOUBLE LAME! I feel a experiment in our near future - all in the name of science!!