Monday, March 29, 2010

Aloha, Easter!

Happy Easter Week!!

What better way to welcome the fluffy bunny to town than with a tray full of happily-colored cupcakes that are adorable, festive, and delicious! I received these images from a talented dynamic duo in Oahu who really know how to stir up some Spring creativity!! Shantel and Shaina cooked up a great addition to Easter Week here at Cupcakin' It Up!

It all started with cupcakespiration!! They used yellow cake and food dye to make it colorful. Want to recreate these tastebud-tickling treats in your own kitchen? Here's how -

Check it out!!

Easter-through and through, right down to the cake!

Colors to make your tummy hop with joy!

See how they texturized the icing to make each one unique and awesome!

Add a few sprinkles... and...

PRESTO! Easter perfection!!

Culinary school in their future?? I think so!! Bunny ears off to you girls! You know how to make Easter spring to life!

Mmmmm now I'm hungry.... :-)

*Note: Expect many puns on Easter words this week!! WHY? because it's EASTER WEEK, silly!

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  1. How awesome that you got photo submissions! Cupcake-on!