Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For the love of Spring and Sweet Things!

With Easter just a hippity hop away, I bet you're just bursting to get your cute cupcake on! Good thing I've scoured the internet for lots of bright ideas to get your creative oven warmed up!

From charming lady bugs nestled on delicately frosted cakes to coconut dyed in green coloring to make a bountiful garden, lets kick the week of sweet, right?!

Check out these creative ideas:

Got coconut?! It's fast, easy and tasty grass for an Easter egg hunt or a full garden.

With the right icing cap, you make this easy green grass for your guests that don't like coconut.

Look at this creative use of jellybeans!

And candy corns!!

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  1. Love your makes me smile...that is why I included it on my Sunshine list...take a peek:)