Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Hello themed cupcake lovers! After some serious sugar-soul-searching (which is a cupcake connoisseur's way of pondering the meaning of all things cupcake!), I am ready to celebrate the beginning of Spring. Happy Spring! Happy flowers and fluffy bunnies and tiny chickies and Cadbury eggs and, and! Themed CUPCAKES!!

This Spring cupcakespiration is proof that the art of cute cupcake is, in fact, in the genes. My incredibly creative mother produced these deliciously adorable treats. Using the sugar Easter candies (found at Party City or Michael's) and colored coconut for grass, she created these festive treats. Aren't they adorable?! I wonder what else we will cook up here on Cupcakin' It Up! As always please email me your Springspirations at and I'll blog about it!

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