Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding cupcakes turned Celebration cupcakes!

So maybe your thoughts are not overrun with cake tasting, venue scouting, and experimental Sephora make-up purchases that make you look a little like a crazy person. Need I remind you that you can make any gathering, holiday, or celebration into an excuse to make and display cupcakes?!

Check out this truly awesome cupcakespiration from reader, Jennifer. I love the pink, black, and white colors on the tiered display - the pink-coloring in the cake totally makes this! Sure, I want to adopt this for my wedding, but this could easily be a birthday display or even a girl’s night-in delicacy!

Jennifer’s brother-in-law built the tiers. But if you don’t have a handy cupcake-display-making-enthusiast around, you could accomplish a similar effect with some white-painted boxes of varying sizes, doilies, ribbon, glitter (of course!), and hot glue.

Making a smaller batch? Check out Jennifer’s Wilton tree, purchased at Michael’s and her adorable sunflower cupcakes perfect to welcome Spring!

Great work, Jennifer! Mmmm… now I’m hungry!!!

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  1. A new bakery opened by our house and I thought of you. Two words: Stuffed. Cupcakes. OMG I wish I could ship one to you!!