Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For the Love of Cute Cupcakes!

Welcome Dessert-Lovers of the World! Although my blog will be focused on cupcakes, I want you to know that I don't discriminate... I love all sweet treats equally. Ooo well, that's a lie. I am partial to things of the chocolate variety - the chocolate, white icing variety. YUM. I could go for a cupcake right now. Ah yes, now we've come full circle to my central blogging thesis: For the love of all that is cupcake!!

I live in a city where the gourmet cupcake trade began - selling pricey little cupcakes for $3.75 each - wtf?! So, I have made it my prerogative to see what all the fuss is about. I like to think of it as a science - you know, comparing quality, and sometimes visiting one place three times to see if the product is consistent. Science. Ok, my personal brand of dessert science ;-) My conclusions thus far? Everyone can make the cake part - that is pretty hard to blow unless they are stale or burned. It comes down to the consistency of the icing and the cuteness of the design. Time and time again, I've visited shops where the icing is stiff and the cuteness is sorely lacking. Well, it's time to spice it up a little, don't you think?

Cupcakin' It Up is a platform to share ideas, techniques, cute executions, and general love of all that is cupcakes! If you have any images you would like to be posted on CupcakinItUp, shoot me an email at!

Here's some sugary sunshine that I created just last week for a "Good-bye California!" party we had for one of my friends. It's hard to tell from my camera phone, but that's vanilla icing dyed yellow and orange with Starbursts cut into halves diagonally to make rays. What better way to remember California than with these sweet treats?!


  1. Cherrie, you are my 1st blog invitation. I (sweetly) accept. I love your creative thinking and combined with chocolate and homemade frosting, its “Heaven on Earth”. Hey, how do I add a picture of my own?
    Sweet Tooth Sherry

  2. Sherry!! So I looked around and I couldn't find a function to allow photos on the comments. So I set up an email account for the blog, that way peeps to send pictures for me to post:

    I want to see your creations!! They are always so cool!!

  3. YIPPEE!! I am currently making 4th of July cupcakes - pictures to follow! :)