Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ingredients for Cupcake Obsession!

For the truly cupcake and tupperware obsessed, this blog post is going to be like cupcake crack to you! From individually-sized cupcake containers to snap-on-snap off carrying cases, these are items that can all be carefully rationalized to purchase.

How many times has icing been smudged or cake squished because you had to carry your cupcakes on a dinner plate covered in tin foil? I used to carry mine in a brownie pan which not only yielded the squish-factor but also limited the load to nine cupcakes - nine cupcakes! Pff!! That's a tiny enough amount to cause certain war! Now with this handy-dandy stackable, snap-on-snap-off carrying case, no cupcake shall be left behind again!

Its cutie counterpart is for the individual cupcake that you are bringing for an afternoon snack at work/school the next day or perhaps giving to a friend ;-) They can be dressed up for a little present or just reused to keep any leftover cupcake fresh!

Now a toothpick or a sharp knife might be adequate for testing whether your batch of cupcakes are ready to eat, but this little tester is so much cuter!! If you're going to wait for 30 excrutiating minutes while your divine dessert is baking, what better way to celebrate that their time is up than to test them with this! Adorable!

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  1. Oh, and don't forget the obligatory $9 cake-carrying plastic tray thing!