Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Petrificus Cupcakilous!

If only there was a spell to make cupcakes appear out of thin air!!

In honor of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opening day, I thought I'd feature these magical cupcakes (from Cupcakes Take the Cake) - oh yes, I'm one of those. By those, I mean the person who saw this movie (and every prior movie in the series) at the midnight showing and have been known, in the past, to create custom t-shirts for the occasion. Oh yes, one of those.

It was great, by the way. More dynamic than any of the other movies for action, comedy, and romance - oh, and creepy children. Between Katie Bell being possessed and meeting a disturbed adolescent Voldemort, there was no shortage of gasping moments! The scene where Dumbledore and Harry go to find the locket is EXACTLY how I pictured it - amazing! I feel like that never happens, and my crazy fan friends agree. You will not be disappointed if you love the book for this movie. Sure, they had to tweak a few plot lines, but honestly, the flow was excellent for all 2 hours and 40 minutes. And they added a scene at the Weasley house that was positively INSANE! A+ David Yates, A+.


  1. They look perfect! And I like the fact that you are one of "those" - makes you more interesting :)

  2. They are from Cupcakes Take the Cake blog! Check out the link to the site!