Friday, August 28, 2009

Cupcakes, Cocktails, and Cosmetics - My First Yelp Event!

I had a very Sex and the City circa Season 5 evening with the ladies at Yelp! The Cocktails, Cupcakes, and Cosmetics event at the Benefit Boutique on 3rd Street celebrated Margaret Rose Lester's new book The Cocktail Hours with a fantastic mixture of makeovers and mini cupcakes from Buttercake Bakery.

The cupcakes added a sweet finish to this girlie event, and they provided an elegant assortment of chocolate or yellow cake complete with pink frosting and sprinkles. They seemed to have an endless supply of the cupcakes that could be devoured from counter top displays, table centerpieces, and a circulating platter. YUM! Can we say dinner??

The icing on the cupcakes was divine - some of the best I've had and comparable to Crumbs, which I consider a solid benchmark. The chocolate cake was rich, though not super moist; however, this only served to accentuate the icing overall. Upon further research on Buttercream Bakery, I'm excited to report their selection of flavors rivals Crumbs and their prices are competitive as well - $.75 for a mini and $2.75 for a cupcake. Now that's more like it!

Although I have yet to visit the actual store on Sunset (though believe me, I will make that a priority!), I can say that my scientific sampling at this Yelp event is certainly encouraging. They also offer the cutesy cupcakes that I so appreciate, themed for birthday parties and special events.

In the backdrop of the Benefit Boutique decorated in pink cupcakes that could be washed down with pink Starlet martinis, well, it doesn't get any more girlie than that!

Check out more photos!

Christyn from Bead Up! and Amy, one of the awesome Benefit artists!

The sweeeeet window display... note the missing cupcakes - I may or may not be partially responsible for that ;-)

More cool Benefit decor!

Christyn and I outside the Benefit Event post-make over on a sugar high. HOTTT haha ;)


  1. Yummy,and i will be back to view more yumminess,i am now following you!

  2. Super great entry!
    Super great time!
    Super great cupcakes!
    Super great company!!