Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Little Things in Life

On a random walk through the Farmer's Market at the Grove, I discovered a little shop that sells ONLY stickers!! Naturally, my inner 11 year old cried out in joy, and I went in. Surrounded by every sticker sheet and theme that I could imagine, from Disney princess to unicorns and planets, I discovered an entire dessert section.

Cupcakes!! They called to me... so for a rather overpriced $2 w/ tax, I bought them. But for the joy they bring me, I think it was worth it! Now if only I knew what to do with them...


  1. not only cupcakes, but POLKADOT cupcakes!!

  2. STICKERS!!! oh i love stickers! as a girl thats what i always spent my money on too! soooo cute!