Thursday, August 20, 2009

Z-Hidden Treasure!

I have found the dessert mecca. Zov's Bakery of Tustin, on the opposite side of the building as it's bistro, has the most decadent selection of sweets that one could dream of! With locations in Newport and Tustin (the Tustin location conveniently 13 minutes passed Disneyland!), this gem was found in a shopping strip just off of the 22 freeway. From cookies to cupcakes to hot smore bars to cheesecakes, Zov's has something for everyone.

We went for Saturday Brunch and found the staff to be cheerful and friendly and the food to be DIVINE. They offer free samples at the bakery counter, and the day I was there, they had the hot, fluffy smore bar up for tasting. As a true dessert blogger, I felt it was my duty to try it - YUM! The moist graham cracker crust was akin to the 7-layer bar bottom (ie likely mixed with butter!) and the chocolate was semi sweet. The marshmellow oozed off of the top. Who says you can't have dessert after breakfast?

Personally, I picked up a cupcake, for research (of course!). With the elaborate design, who could resist? It was probably the priciest cupcake I've ever purchased at $5.25 - and though it was oversized and elaborately decorated, I do think any cupcake over $4 is just absurd. But in the name of science, I bought it!! I happened to go up to the counter when the chef was there, and she explained that the cupcakes are made fresh every day. I could tell too. The cake was very moist. But the icing was nothing special - it had that crisco taste that I recognized when I made the experimental icing myself. I will give them an A for icing tool use on the flower petals, though!

Next time (oh yes, there will be a next time!), I'm trying the chocolate chip cookies and will pocket a macaroon for my dad!

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