Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

In honor of the love of my life's White Coat Ceremony to become a doctor, I decided to celebrate his success with a couple of medically themed crafts!

The first was cupcakes - I searched EVERYWHERE online for inspiration, but only came up with rather disgusting depictions of brains or arteries complete with oozing blood or boring and un-animated hospital accessories. Well, I decided to take it to the next level.

I started with the basic Red Cross design that utilized my original white icing and followed it by the prescription symbol (for pharmacy, of course!). I used sparkly red icing for the symbols.

Then, I moved on to the traditional pills of Advil and Tylenol using Wilson's food coloring - which is incredibly vibrant - a little bit goes a long way! Red, orange, and brown for the Advil and yellow and red for the Tylenol. So then I had just a couple more cupcakes left... hmmm... what was missing? Doctors to administer the pills, of course! So I made surgeons (in the green!) and internal medicine doctors (in blue!). For career options! I used a combination of yellow, orange and brown for the skin color. I then took a sharp steak knife and dipped it in the brown Wilson dye to make the eyes and eyebrows. I used the glitter red dye for the mouth. It turned out so cute! Though with the LA heat and it sitting in my car for two hours, the icing actually melted. They still tasted good!

The second craft was inspired by a trip to Target with Christyn from Bead Up! I went in knowing that I was forbidden to bring actual flowers to the ceremony and had to get creative. So, I purchased some gauze sheets and a couple of boxes of colorful, fun kids' band-aids to create this medically themed bouquet! I emptied the band-aid boxes and affixed bbq pokers to the bottom, securing it with a hot glue gun. Then, I colored the pokers green with a permanent marker, tied it with a blue bow and ultimately used an entire hot glue stick to keep it together. The result - a creative alternative to flowers!!

I'm so proud of my sweet doctor!! Congrats, Michael!

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