Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dots of Cupcake Love - a lesson in branding!

Located in the fun and fashionable Old Town Pasadena, Dots is a tasty variation to the ice cream and fro yo shops that cluster on the infamous Colorado Street. My fellow cupcake companion, Christyn from Bead Up! brought me some to try - in the name of science!

The packaging was adorable - complete with colorful tissue paper to keep the cupcakes from tipping over. Although this was new to me at the time, I have come to find this technique at more than one shop. It's a really cute and convenient way to practically package these delicacies while still carrying the brand through to every aspect of the product. And plus, it's prettttty!

Even though these cupcakes didn't make it to my mouth until 5 days after purchase, the chocolate cake part was surprisingly moist. The icing was fluffy and tasty as well. Dots strategy for freshness is an interesting one. They have set menu for evey two days. Like on Monday/Tuesday you can get a strawberry shortcake cupcake but on Wedneday/Thursday you can't, though you can have a pumpkin pie flavored cupcake. It's actually quite a long list - check it out by clicking here. It includes exotic flavors such as Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian vanilla. Oooo fancy! But you know me, I'm a sucker for good ol' chocolate cake with white icing!

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  1. I love the packaging! And their storefront is awesome. I would love to be a graphic designer that only worked for cupcake shops. :)