Friday, September 11, 2009

Cupcake Couture

So you really love cupcakes. Like a lot. Ok, and you also have an incredibly successful business in which you fan yourself with $100 bills at night... and don't freak out when you find a quarter on the street (like me! quarters so useful!). Well, I've figured out what you can spend your money on - feel free to thank me for my awesome idea by either a.) throwin' some cupcake tasting money my way b.) buying me a matching one (haha!!).

Some of the more cutesy high end brands like Juicy Couture sell the love of cupcakes for $42 a pop (pink and silver one, above to the left) at Nordstrom's or Sak's Fifth Avenue. Sears can also provide diamond-encrusted, 10K gold (white and yellow, left) for a mere $130 or a 14K gold for $250 (multicolored, left) - WOA money bags!! That's a lot of money to be throwing around for a pricey charm that looks a lot like a clowns head. But to each her own!

What?! You don't have money just lying around, begging to be spent?? Shocking ;-) Don't dispair! I found some even BETTER alternatives from etsy sellers! That are more up my alley, as if I fan myself with anything, it's monopoly money!!

Check them out the designs that rival the brand names!
(Click on the seller name to link to the product!)

Sold by A Fine Distraction

Sold by Monica E. Jewelry

Sold by Chic Baby Rose

Sold by Denise Annette

Sold by E. Ria Design

Sold by EsseM Design

Sold by Pinups and Pastries

There are 75+ pages on Etsy for cupcake necklaces - it is AWESOME! I made it through 30 of them - so if I missed a necklace you think is particularly adorable, just post the link in the comments, and I'll do a part duo of Etsy cupcake necklaces!


  1. Oh, I especially like the second Etsy one :) Now I have to start investing in this market - apparently it's a hot one!

  2. There's a great deal of people out there with cupcake tattoos. You should post that. In fact, aren't you all sleeved up?

  3. LOL such a hockey blog thing to say! I did blog about that, read it here:

  4. I'm loving all the cupcakes here, and I am so honored to be included!! Thank you so much!!


  5. oooh cupcake bling.. so decadent.

    if I were fanning myself with $100 bills every night, i would buy a jewelled cupcake holder (the bottom paper part).. i wonder if they exist?

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