Monday, September 14, 2009

Real Estate for the Dessert-Lover!

Talk about a room with a BOO! t-hehe! Who says that gingerbread houses are only for Christmas?! With all the cute sugar candies they have these days, the options for sweet Halloween fun are endless. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed a pack of candied spiders and ghosts on my cupcakes - why not use them on a house? Ghosts deserve, a home too! I felt really inspired by the options I found online recently. Can you image how cute a candy-corn picket fence would be?! Adorable.

Check out some of the sweetest real estate around!

I'm loving the candy corn roof top.
Courtesy of Baking Bites

I think Kit Kat shingles could be equally as delicious...
Courtesy of Savvy Halloween

How about Kit Kat paneling and oreo shingles! YUM!!
Courtesy of

Although I don't see how realistically, one could make the cookie this perfect, I did like that the roof is off-kilter a little bit. You could do that with graham crackers easily!
Courtesy of Solvang Bakery

A Halloween candy house will make an excellent centerpiece at any party table and plus, you must eat the construction scraps after all! It's the green thing to do... ;-)


  1. i really want to have a spooky house making party! how much fun would that be, honestly. you could make a colorful fun house circus themed yummy... or anything other than winter themed colors and ... frosted snow roofs.

    um, now i want to eat a cookie.

  2. omg this cracks me up. i guess there is a house in my future afterall!

  3. I love Halloween ~ even more than Christmas! The Kit Kat and Oreo ideas are right up my alley. Might have to give this a shot . . .