Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Leaves change, Cupcakes bloom!

By popular demand from comments on Monday's post... I give you a sneak peak of fall cupcake ideas! Now, I'm not going to do the big super awesome Halloween blitz of the ones that I've discovered quite yet - I mean, it is still September ;-) But, I will give you some cupcake design ideas that will inspire your creativity and tickle your taste buds!

Whooooo is ready for Fall?! These are adorable and so doable with the cashew nose, sliced almond feathers, and chocolate chip eyes! This is truly GENIUS!
Courtesy of Catching Fireflies

What I like about these is the simple, very Fall-neutral pumpkin made with orange sprinkles (conveniently reusable for Halloween with some glitter gel!) as well as the earth-tone flowers. It would be a fun way to play with my new icing tips...

These little pumpkin candies, sold seasonally in grocery stores as well as at Michael's Crafts now, are adorable and can be used in both Thanksgiving and Halloween cupcake designs.
Courtesy of Bee's Treats

Ok, ok, I have little self-restraint when it comes to sharing cute cupcakes... here's a couple of the particularly awesome ones I found!

Talk about arachnophobia! Some black licorice for legs, red M&M minis for eyes, and chocolate sprinkles can make this fear come to life. Yet oddly, it makes me hungry...
Courtesy of Bakerella

I LOVE these mummies!! It looks like they executed the bandages with a thin, long icing tip. Maybe I would do candies for eyes. So cute!!
Courtesy of Le'Gateaux

On to other edible options in the next post! More fun Halloween designs to come! Isn't the holiday season fun?!


  1. Yes yes yes! This post totally made my day! Festive cupcakes!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your blog is going to be the end of me, I mean the end of the fabulous figure I'm working toward :) You should check out this link--a fellow blogger friend made these yummies:

    --Kelly @ TLE

  3. Wow those spider cupcakes are awesome, how perfect for a halloween party or even a birthday party on or around halloween.