Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cupcakes + Cosemetics = Happy Lips!

Lip balm is a necessity in life. Doesn't it deserve to look cute too?! Well Aunt Franni on Etsy has the answer! You know how I feel about cute cupcake accessories, and when Christyn from Bead Up! showed me this one, I could hardly resist. In the name of chapped lips, after all! It's a cupcake themed, chapstick holder - your chapstick will never be lost again!

And naturally, I found matching cupcake-flavored lip balm to go with it from Givin Me Lip. Might as well Cupcake It Up!

There is another seller whose lip balm I enjoyed immensely, and that was from Kupcake Naturals. I wanted to give them a personal shout out since I tried their natural lip balm product myself recently, which they personalized the name "Vanilla Cupcake." Adorable and yummy! In fact, it's hard not to eat it... I'll try to hold back.

Anyways! I'll be back with a new one tomorrow - maybe with and actual cupcake feature this time. I guess I've got a real shopping itch this week! But one can never have too many cupcake accessories!

Have a sweeeeet day!


  1. I remember actually eating the first lip balm I was ever given. Picture this: Christmas morning, age 5. I'm the first one up and rush downstairs to start the destruction. Found: stocking that's, indeed, stocked. Pull out the first item on the top - some kind of chocolate lip balm. I open the cap and smell it - mmm, chocolate donuts. I take a bite. And then another one. And then another one. FINALLY I realize it's not for eating and throw that shiz on the floor! Chapstick has never been the same :(

  2. I have vanilla cupcake & pumpkin pie from Givin Me Lip & they are fabulous:) They smell and taste yummy & the texture is perfect & silky-not waxy at all. These are the perfect stocking stuffer.

  3. Wow what a great blog, thanks for notifying me that you put me on here. Now I need to try these other shops for great lipbalms.

  4. Great blog from a fellow cupcake lover. I have one of Aunti Franni's flip flop chapstick holders and it's outstanding! I highly recommend them!