Friday, September 4, 2009

Mini Me, You Complete Me!

Who doesn't love teenie tiny bundles of joy?... I am of course, referring to mini cupcakes! They have the unique ability to quench a cupcake craving for we cupcakeaholics in one bite. Besides, 5 of them equal one large cupcake = more variety and more icing! Not to mention they are completely adorable. Check out some particularly cute ones I found:

Look at the penguin and the fishy!! So cute!!
Courtesy of Sparklette

OREOS!! My favorite thing in life... now in bite-sized portions! Love it!
Courtesy of

Spring has sprung - YUM!
Courtesy of Cupcakerie

AW! Pink + Monkeys = Love!
Courtesy of Blue Cupcake

Now this is my kind of Valentine!!
Courtesy of Hello, Cupcake

Courtesy of Cupcakes Take the Cake

And of course, some that I've discovered on my travels...

Make your own artful mini!
Cupcakes, Cupcakes of Glendale

Pink and chocolate - does it get any better?
Buttercake cupcakes at the Yelp! event

I can't tell you how many awesome cupcake / baking blogs I've come across from googling these images. Check out their links under the pictures for more cupcakespiration!

If you have any creations that you would like to share, hit me up at


  1. These are adorable. I love the ones that look like popcorn

  2. Adorable. Here are some minis that I made:

  3. wow these are like lil mini art bites! but i wouldnt have the heart to eat one, they are too cute! i've already decided for my next bday, i'm doing a fun cupcake theme!

  4. I want one! Although I would probably be afraid to eat it haha, its too cute!

  5. what is better than mini cakes? Mini cupcakes! Those all look yummy!!

  6. These are incredible! I saw your avatar on etsy and had to follow, like I was in a trance or something.

    My sister (maybeads) makes adorable cupcake beads. Check it out:

  7. they are all so cute! hmmm, since they are small.. does this mean i can eat more of them? ;)

  8. you have no idea how much I want cupcakes now! YUMMY!!!

  9. Besides, 5 of them equal one large cupcake = more variety and more icing ------ this is how I personally justify eating 5+ mini cupcakes in one sitting. You know I've been known to do it ;)

  10. I LOVE cupcakes and your blog is awesome!

  11. Wow...those look so good! I'm gonna have to go find something sweet to eat now!

  12. Stop! You're making me hungry :)

  13. I can't even begin to choose. I thought it was the oreos and then the pictures kept coming!



  14. And now I am hungry! :) These look delicious!

  15. Oh wow! I love mini anything but mini cupcakes are AWESOME! The popcorn one is so creative--wondering about the flavor. Thanks for sharing these and making my mouth water on a Monday morning ha ha!